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Below are events that have happened or will be happening, in tribute to Steve, there may also be more information on the Facebook.

Do let us know if you have anything planned in the future If you have any videos from the day, or previous events, that you would like added here please email us at

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London Marathon 2014 - In Memory of Sven

Music Event - 2012

The London Marathon 2014 - in memory of Steve

On 13th April 2014 Steve's brother Chris ran the London Marathon in memory of Steve, we were so proud to see him running and were thrilled for him when he crossed the line and collected his marathon medal. We know that Steve would have been very proud too, although we also know he would have said he was mad to run 26.2 miles just for him!

Chris has also raised almost £4500.00 for The Mental Health Foundation, one of who's mission is to help prevent suicide. Did you know that suicide remains the most common cause of death in men under the age of 35 ? Research shows men going through divorce and separation from their children are highly affected.

We will never know the torment Steve was going through but if Chris's fundraising can save just one person from going through the same, or if it can save one family from going through what we went through, and still do go through every day, then it will be worthwhile. As we face the future without Steve we are aware that no one knows who is next to be affected, it could be you or your family, I truly hope it is not, but together we can make a difference. Donations can still be made for a short time at:

We would like to thank every single one of you who donated, many of you did not even know Chris and had never met Steve either, yet you were moved enough to donate - THANK YOU!

We would also like to thank for sharing the information about Chris's fundraising during one of their pod casts to the geocaching world:

Our Dad, the marathon man!



Music Event

A music event organised by Steve's friends Chris and Paul Morton took place on Sunday 15th April 2012, in Nottinghamshire. Chris, Paul and Steve had grown up together, living just a few doors apart.

A great atmosphere was achieved as everyone came together to enjoy the bands.

The Chase started off the event. An excellent, talented young group.

Outroads, the Sheffield based band had many in tears as they gave their live rendition of their song 'My Angels', this had been one of Steve's favourite songs of late and he and Nicole would turn up the volume and sing at the top of their voices as they drove around! It was also played at his funeral.

See Outroads performance here:

Dreaded Monkey completed the trio of bands, with Paul ending the event by singing a song which he wrote during the emotional time after Steve's death, 'Love (A Falling Star)'. A beautiful and emotive song, thank you Paul.


If you would like to know more about the bands who took part or book them for a performance (we can highly recommend them) see here -

Outroads Facebook page:

The Chase - Contact the via Dreaded Monkey.

Dreaded Monkey - Facebook page:

Event page:

Dreaded Monkey official version of Love (A Falling Star) released June 2012:










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Geocaching was one of Steve's hobbies, he formed this Channel to promote it to everyone. Like he says "Not really spoilers"

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Messages from those who loved him from around the world

RIP Svengalie

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