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Steve Love

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Steve acquired the name Svengalie as a teenager, he used it as his YouTube name.

Many of his videos are from his motorbikes including on and off road but there are also lots of funny and entertaining ones too, on no particular theme

vlogging is a blog where the medium is video, hence v-log.

Steve used his camera to a great advantage filming from a head camera attached to his crash helmet as well as a hand held video camera.

He had almost 34,000 subscribers and nearly 9 million views on his YouTube channel -

He covered a variety of topics including trying to find greenlanes -

Where are the green lanes up north? (See also the greenlaning page)

Gadget reviews - His own honest opinion on various products he had used

The Best of Sven - his favourite videos

Spain Series - Some free time, away from the pressures of work, off roading.


There are many more videos too numerous to mention here, to see them all just visit his You Tube channel for a full list:


I am also trying to find all the tribute videos and link to the on You Tube, plus adding a few of my own:

There have been many memorial vlogs too, if you would like yours added here please let us know the url.

Also, in the town of Plattsmouth Nebraska, USA, the Mayor made Steve an honorary citizen at the 'Rhino Run' (Motorcycle Rally) in May 2012. There is a proclamation in the town hall about Steve which mentions his honorary citizenship and also that the 19th May from now on will be known as 'Mr Steve Love Day'. It was Dan who found out about this initially from another youtube user - really2ugly - who attended the rally. They were quite shocked when the Mayor started talking about Steve to the crowd. He didn't record the event but did get a photo of the proclamation and reads it out in one of his videos. The proclamation is mentioned and read out about 4 minutes into the video below:

RIP Svengalie by the Redline65:

Goodbye Sven by the misterOldschool:

More than one by his friend Mordeth:

Another find here by XxLONEACExX:

"RIP Svengalie - Where'd you go" with beautiful music. Posted by 187Premises:

A lovely blog by Atlas Rider -

Compilation of Steve's videos and also memorial ones:


Other Tributes:

A tribute by It's Not About The Numbers

Geocaching Tributes

Music tribute - See Dreaded Monkey Tribute here


svengalieytheaderYou Tube

See Steve's videos and exploits on his You Tube Channel.

geocacheytheaderGeocache Spoilers

Geocaching was one of Steve's hobbies, he formed this Channel to promote it to everyone. Like he says "Not really spoilers"

facebookFacebook Tribute Page

Messages from those who loved him from around the world

RIP Svengalie


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